Beverly Hills
Dana Claudat, Beverly Hills
Dana Claudat, Beverly Hills
Dana Claudat, a Feng Shui Master and designer with a background in art from Stanford, shares tips on her popular online blog, Tao of Dana, on how to disconnect from life’s distractions and how changing spaces can change lives. Claudat has worked with Beverly Hills and Hollywood A-List creators as well as vibrant entrepreneurs around the world seeking more creativity, clarity, love and empowerment in their homes and their lives.
Dana Claudat, Beverly Hills
Q & Awith Dana Claudat

What does RESTORE mean to you as it relates to WELLTH?

RESTORE is a way of coming back to our center, feeling grounded and at home, and integrating all we've learned and experienced in a meaningful way to create balance in life.

What advice do you have for those beginning their journey to WELLTH?

When it feels wrong (even if it's meant to be "good for you") it likely is wrong for you. Infusing your life with the wellness habits that feel great to you is the biggest key I've found to successfully building magnetic lifestyle habits.

What are your favorite things to do in Beverly Hills to RESTORE?

Every chance I get, I walk in Franklin Canyon Park—one of my favorite places in all of Los Angeles—and visit the ducks and turtles. I take art breaks during my workday; my favorite is Gagosian Gallery, where there's always something intriguing to shift my perspective and often inspire awe. I love Mr. Chow for it's classic delicious veggies, ecosystem of art and tables full of colorful people. Walking through the streets of gorgeous shops—with a Kreation Juice, of course—is inspiration in itself.

What three words would you use to describe Beverly Hills?

Expansive, artistic, exceptional.

“Infusing your life with the wellness habits that feel great to you is the biggest key I’ve found to successfully building magnetic lifestyle habits.”

Why is the concept of feng shui important?

Feng shui is the art and science of creating the best possible environment to thrive, and its roots extend back thousands of years. Your home, and your environment overall, is a mirror of you. When you optimize your space, it will support your greatest intentions for WELLTH.

What are some tips to create a conducive environment at home to sleep well?

Natural materials, muted earth tones and plushness are all wonderful feng shui for fantastic sleep. A decluttered bedroom (including the closets), some light blocking curtains or blinds, and a sense of balance with two nightstands are all very basic sleep tips. Our sleep cycle begins to harmonize with nature at 6pm, so starting to wind down early with some herbal tea and dimmed lights will help you if you find your mind is too active at night to fall asleep easily. I like to add sandalwood aromatherapy candles and some lavender linen spray to my sheets. Removing electronics from the bedroom and turning off technology at least an hour before bed can be transformational.