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Take a 360° look into the lives of the individuals who are re-defining luxury in Beverly Hills.

In Beverly Hills, luxury starts with meticulous attention to detail. With its dedication to craftsmanship and appreciation for life’s finer things, this world-renowned city is continuously redefining what it means to live, eat and dress well. Beneath the blue skies and shimmering palm trees of Beverly Hills, fine dining, five-star hotel accommodations, first class shopping, and lavish beauty and wellness spas are all within easy reach.

Alo Yoga

An activewear brand known for its clean lines, comfortable compression fabrics and sense of community, Alo Yoga opened its flagship store in Beverly Hills in 2016. Since then, it has become a center of wellness and fashion. Top yogis and celebrities are regularly spotted in Alo leggings and jackets, and the opening of the Beverly Hills flagship location brought the brand’s full range of apparel for men and women under one roof for the first time.

Celebrity yoga instructor Caley Alyssa touts the clothing’s versatility and how the pieces easily transition from yoga class to streetwear. When she isn’t representing Alo Yoga at speaking engagements and workshops as a brand ambassador, she loves to teach in this sanctuary of natural light and open space.

Curated items display Alo’s latest designs, alongside books, shoes and accessories. A café on the first floor serves kombucha on tap as well as other food and refreshments from favorite local establishments. Upstairs, a yoga studio opens to a roof-top deck. There, after a class exercising mind and body, yogis relax under the California sun, sipping matcha iced teas or enjoying a cool afternoon breeze.

Alo Yoga’s flagship store in Beverly Hills is a center of wellness and fashion.
Celebrity yoga instructor and Alo Yoga brand ambassador, Caley Alyssa.
A studio to street activewear brand known for its clean lines and compression fabrics.

House of Bijan

Few of Beverly Hills’ tailored offerings are more renowned than House of Bijan.

Bijan Pakzad opened his menswear store on Rodeo Drive in 1976 and quickly became internationally known for dressing presidents, royalty and Hollywood elite in bespoke pieces.

In 2008, he began collaborating on car designs, first with Bugatti and then with Rolls-Royce. Bijan often parked his luxury cars in front of his boutique, and even today the unmistakable “Bijan Yellow” Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe sits in front of the store, accompanied by a custom parking meter and sidewalk plaques, dedicated to Bijan by the City of Beverly Hills.

Nicolas Bijan is building on his father’s international legacy with updated cuts to fit modern aesthetics. He’s expanded Bijan offerings to include sports jackets and leather goods to accommodate more casually luxurious styles as well as made-to-order women’s handbags.

Today, the exclusive Beverly Hills store continues to showcase unique craftsmanship. Closets are filled with fresh flowers and artful displays of color-coordinated clothes. The House’s own Baccarat crystal fragrance bottles adorn door and light fixtures. Tables are arranged with timeless, handmade silk ties, scarves and accessories, each crafted and presented with discerning eyes. At House of Bijan, it’s not just about acquiring a coat; it’s about investing in a tailored work of art and handing it down as a family heirloom.

The boutique store is open by appointment only, giving clients full and attentive access to one-of-a-kind designs.

Few of Beverly Hills’ tailored offerings are more renowned than House of Bijan.
Nicolas Bijan is building on his father’s legacy with updated cuts to fit modern aesthetics.
Bijan’s custom-designed Bugatti or Rolls-Royce are often displayed in front of the boutique.

The Belvedere at The Peninsula Beverly Hills

The award-winning Belvedere at The Peninsula Beverly Hills has operated as a standard of the area’s dining scene for more than 20 years.

The Belvedere offers locally sourced Mediterranean cuisine in a natural light-filled, elegant setting. Stephanie Boswell heads the pastry department for the hotel and restaurant, having joined The Belvedere after making a name for herself among award-winning kitchens.

As Executive Pastry Chef, she ensures quality and consistency among The Belvedere’s sweeter offerings and caters to hotel guests’ preferences and dietary needs. Everything from room amenities to restaurant desserts are customized to her guests’ plans and preferences. Stephanie’s focus on presentation and taste landed her on CBS Los Angeles’ list of best up-and-coming female chefs in Los Angeles.

Stephanie’s signature dessert, The Belvedere Fabergé Egg, is named for the imperial Russian jewels they evoke.

A rich, dark chocolate eggshell is hand painted with cocoa powder and finished with gold filigree. Inside, the egg is filled with layer upon layer of seasonally rotating cakes, ice creams, and gelées, ensuring completeness in every flavor profile.

Executive Pastry Chef Stephanie Boswell ensures quality and consistency among The Belvedere’s sweeter offerings.
Stephanie’s signature dessert, The Faberge Egg.
A variety of dessert offerings at The Belvedere.

The Belvedere at The Peninsula Beverly Hills

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