9548 Brighton Way
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Tel: (310) 276-2776


andSons is a second-generation chocolatier located at the corner of Brighton Way & Camden Drive. Established in 1983 and updated in 2019, this chocolatier honors European culinary heritage while drawing inspiration from its vibrant Los Angeles roots to reimagine the world's most beloved indulgence: chocolate.

At andSons, they create fine chocolates in limited quantities, ensuring each piece receives the utmost care and attention. The chocolates are crafted in a modern kitchen, using time-honored techniques perfected over decades. Under the guidance of one of America's top pastry chefs, the culinary team meticulously handcrafts each piece, reflecting andSons’ unwavering commitment to quality.

andSons sources the finest organic and all-natural flavors from specialty providers worldwide, including fresh ingredients from our local farmer’s market. This obsession with quality and detail allows them to deliver a chocolate experience that is both unique and unforgettable.

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